Last Update 03/23/2020
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Sell Online. Easily.

Sales and Business Development teams are crucial for driving value to customers. Gimasys and NetSuite has invested heavily in learning how best to tell the story of NetSuite success and engage prospective NetSuite clients. NetSuite has bundled the core elements of that learning together into an engaging and intense week of learning with a staff of professionals. In NetSuite, It is called this week “SuiteWeek”; in Gimasys, it is called Sales Engagement; and its tailored for rapid onboarding of new-to-NetSuite sales and business development staff. They will learn messaging, go-to-market strategy, gain industry and product knowledge, understand systems excellence, and will go through a simulated sales cycle. This active, hands-on training will educate you on the best methods to be successful in selling NetSuite to prospects and customers.